Scotland’s first semi-closed salmon farm project in jeopardy

Scotland’s first semi-closed fish farm project may not be completed if it were up to the local planning officials.

New salmon producer Loch Long Salmon (LLS) submitted the plans for the 15,000 to 20,000-MT facility to the Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park Planning Authority a year ago, but on Monday, October 17, planning officials advised the National Park Authority Board to reject the project because it deems it as “experimental,” among other reasons.

But Stewart Hawthorn, managing director of Loch Long Salmon, hopes the board will see the project’s significance for Scotland.

“This transformative technology could have a positive environmental impact across Scotland by leading positive change in salmon farming, a critical food production sector and a vital part of our rural economy,” he said.

“The technology has been proven for decades and has operated without any fish escapes over hundreds of production cycles. It removes the threat of sea lice and the need for treatment, protecting the seabed, and will never require acoustic devices to deter seals.”

LLS also claims that the farm will capture more than 85 percent of the organic waste that’s produced and it will be used as a fertiliser ingredient or in green energy production.

The farm is expected to employ approximately 12 people comprising a mix of salmon farming and technical roles.

Hopes that the farm will be be operational by 2023 is now a long shot as that’s just months away, despite garnering support from a number of politicians, councillors, and members of the local community.

“Loch Long is the ideal location for our demonstration site. We are confident board members will see the benefits of this game-changing project, furthering the National Park’s goals by promoting sustainable business growth, creating jobs and supporting communities,” said Hawthorn.

The National Park Authority Board will decide on October 31 whether it will adhere to the planning officials’ recommendation to refuse the application.


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