Scottish exports to China are slowing because of coronavirus, confirms SSPO

Early days but numbers show that demand is increasing, says trade organisation.

Airlines have been halted and the BBC reports now that the virus has spread to every region in mainland China.

The virus is thought to have emerged from trade in live animals for human consumption at a seafood market in Wuhan, the capital of Hubei province.

Yesterday, SalmonBusiness reported that China is starting to close its doors to salmon imports, with domestic and foreign-owned corporations pulling out of the country.

A spokesperson for the Scottish Salmon Producers Organisation (SSPO) told SalmonBusiness: “We are obviously monitoring the situation very closely: China is a very important market for us.

“The early indications are that the demand for imports of salmon has slowed as a result of the ongoing health issues in the country, particularly in the restaurant and hotel trade.

“As a result, the small number of our member companies who are affected are looking for other markets for fish which would have been destined for China, particularly in the US and around Europe.

“But the first priority for everybody has to be the health and wellbeing of the people of China and we hope this crisis eases as soon as possible.”


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