Scottish Import Finefood: “People are still ordering, though no one will know what is going to happen”

Leading German importer and wholesaler for fish and seafood, that initially specialised in Scottish salmon steps into the unknown.

“It’s the same everywhere but people are still ordering,” though Scottish Import Finefood Sales & Purchasing Manager David Rosenow told SalmonBusiness that though he said that no one will know what is going to happen.

“We got some Scottish salmon in, imported today,” said Rosenow.

The company uses a range of Scottish partners and producers such as Loch Fyne, Bleiker´s Smokehouse, Kenmare, to import salmon into the German market.

“For the moment, the fish restaurants are open but in the middle of the week, I expect them to be closed,” he said. Though he added that supermarkets have been open.

In terms of logistics, the company uses a range of logistical companies – including Kotra Logistics – which is, to date, still able to operate.

Germany imposed temporary controls on its borders with France – but goods will for now continue to flow between EU countries.


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