Scottish pilot gets Marine Harvest onto CloudSuite

press release

Marine Harvest has opted for a Java-based Cloud business solution from U.S.-based Infor, a company with its own operating system that’ll integrate everything the salmon-farmer does from biomass management to sales and executive management.

By the end of 2018, Marine Harvest will have the software its been using, Infor M3, onto a platform called CloudSuite Food & Beverage after a successful pilot in Scotland. “Consistent reporting and easier access to insights are expected to drive enhanced productivity,” a statement from Infor said.

“With some of its businesses already using Infor M3, Marine Harvest was keen to deploy the application globally, via a cloud model. All other countries across the U.S, Canada, Asia and Europe are expected to be live by the end of 2018.”

Marine Harvest said it anticipates “a reduced number of transactions and enhanced global traceability” after going live with the Cloud.  “As we continue to see substantial growth in our business, it is paramount that we have a solid and stable foundation from which to pursue new opportunities and embrace digitalization,” Marine Harvest Group IT applications manager, Jørn I. Berg, was quoted as saying.

“Several business-critical systems have already moved to the cloud and delivered impressive results, in terms of cost, licensing, labor, flexibility, and security. More importantly, when the information silos were removed, we were able to streamline and coordinate global operations and improve overall productivity and collaboration across our business,” he stated.

“Salmon farming faces huge levels of complexity, with incessant global demand, fluctuating process and environmental factors threatening supply,” Mike Edgett, director of industry marketing, process and manufacturing at Infor was quoted as saying.

No slouch, Infor’s 16,000 employees build business software for specific industries in the cloud. Their market share is 90,000 customers in more than 170 countries.


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