Scottish harvest for Bakkafrost almost halved in Q4

editorial staff

£20 million in losses for October and November.

The Faroese fish farmer published its fourth quarter trading update on Wednesday, showing a harvest at its Scottish sites of 5,100 tonnes versus 9,300 tonnes for the same period in 2020.

Bakkafrost had warned a few weeks ago that serious gill health related problems at its Scottish operation are continuing to generate increased mortality and financial losses, leading the company to issue a profit warning following what it described as “extraordinary mortality”, leading to a loss of £20 million during October and November.

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Bakkafrost acquired the Scottish Salmon Company in November 2019.

The company’s Faroe Islands business fared better with a total harvest of 20,700 tonnes up from 16,000 tonnes in Q4 2020. Farming North produced 9,300 tonnes, farming west 8,900 tonnes and farming south 2,500 tonnes.

The total harvest for 2021 in the Faroe Islands was 67,200, while in Scotland (SSC) the total harvest was 29,700 tonnes. The total harvest across the Bakkafrost Group was 96,900 tonnes.

The full Q4 report will be published on 22 February.