Scottish salmon contingent head to Tokyo to capitalise on international exports

Scotland’s biggest salmon players are heading to the Japan International Seafood & Technology Expo 2018.

The event – which runs from August 22-24 – will be attended by 35,000 visitors that include important international, wholesalers, distributors, retailers and the restaurant trade.

Marine Harvest Scotland, the Scottish Salmon Company and Hebridean Smokehouse are all hoping to pick up new business.

According to the Press and Journal, international exports of Scottish seafood grew by 23% to £944 million last year. Exports to Japan are estimated to have grown by 24% to £4.6m during the past two years.

Japan – the second largest consumer of seafood in the world after China- has one of the highest global per capita levels of fish consumption at around 33 kg per capita according to statistics from a global analysis report from the Canadian Government.

Salmon has become a favourite at conveyor belt sushi restaurants in Japan largly fuelled by large-volume imports of farmed produce from Norway.

Foreign imports to Japan command premium prices. Fresh salmon is a Japanese breakfast and dining staple, though eyes will be on the promising growth market in smoked salmon, the import trade of which is heavily dominated again by Norway.

Robbie Kettle, Account Manager for Marine Harvest Scotland told SalmonBusiness: “We are looking forward to meeting existing and new customers in Tokyo. We produce top quality, farmed sustainably adhering to the highest quality and food safety standards and our pristine, clear, cold waters are the perfect environment to rear our world class Scottish salmon, befitting for the high-quality Japanese market and the discerning Japanese consumer. High service level and consistent 52-week supply go hand in hand with the opportunity to further differentiate and increase the fresh salmon market in Japan.”


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