Scottish salmon production increased over 30% in 2019 – highest ever level recorded

editorial staff

32,935 Atlantic salmon escaped, according to new data from Marine Scotland Science.

In a release on Monday, Marine Scotland Science writes that it has published its Scottish Fish Farm Production Survey 2019.

The report is based on the returns of an annual survey questionnaire sent to all active authorised fish farming businesses in Scotland during 2019.

Amongst its main findings were that the total production of Atlantic salmon during 2019 was 203,881 tonnes, an increase of 47,856 tonnes (30.7 per-cent) on the 2018 total. This was the highest ever level of production recorded in Scotland.

The total number of smolts produced in 2019 increased by 4.3 million (9 per-cent) to 51.4 million, Again, this was a record number for the Scots, ie the highest annual smolt production recorded. Production tonnage of rainbow trout increased by 15 per-cent in 2019 to 7,405 tonnes. And brown and sea trout production increased slightly from 20 tonnes in 2018 to 25 tonnes in 2019.

In the number of confirmed escape incidents notified to the Scottish Government, 37,372 rainbow trout escaped, compared to 32,935 Atlantic salmon.


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