Impact of Shetland outage on Scottish Sea Farms revealed

Scottish Sea Farms has confirmed that it was impacted by the outage that hit the Shetland island on Thursday 20th October. 

Communications on the island were disrupted after underwater cables have been damaged. The police initially described the situation as “a major incident” after the southern communication cable to the mainland was cut. The impact resulted in an outage across mobile phones, the internet and computers.

Scottish Sea Farms IT Operations and Infrastructure Leader Colin Kupris, who oversaw the work to reconnect essential business services, said: “The outage occurred around midnight, affecting services across Shetland – our own farms and facilities included.”

“One of our local providers, Shetland Telecom, was able to restore service around 4am, bringing our Girlsta Hatchery and Gremista processing facility back online. Thanks to their efforts in the early hours, our own in-house IT & Data team were then able to extend that connectivity out to our wider network, with Pundsvoe, Gonfirth and Setterness shorebases coming back online around 11am and our Scalloway processing facility by 12noon.”

“Normal business has since resumed across almost all of our Shetland operations, meaning there has been minimal disruption to customers. Services from our other communications providers now appear to be coming back online but the Shetland Telecom team will go down as our heroes of the day.”


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