Scottish smolt producer and Protix ink deal after Label Rouge endorses black soldier fly in feed

Editorial Staff

Salmon sold with the ‘Label Rouge’ (Red Label) certification can now be fed diets containing insect-derived ingredients during the juvenile stages.

Hendrix Genetics-owned ova and smolt supplier, Landcatch has become the first Label Rouge certified company to sign an agreement to use insect-derived feed. This agreement follows the approval of novel ingredients by Label Rouge authority INAO in April.

Landcatch, based in Lochgilphead aScotland, will source insect-based protein from Protix, a Netherlands-based black soldier fly farmer. The use of insect protein represents a significant shift towards a more sustainable feed system within the Scottish salmon industry.

Scottish salmon, was the first non-French product awarded the Label Rouge certification.

Protix highlighted the environmental benefits, noting that insect meals have a carbon impact almost 89% lower than soy protein concentrate. This innovation supports the industry’s push towards carbon neutrality by 2045, with feed accounting for up to 80% of the sector’s carbon impact.

Landcatch general manager Jarl van den Berg emphasized the alignment with the company’s vision of responsible animal breeding: “Our salmon are bred with balance in mind, supporting our mission of delivering premium quality, healthy, and high-performing fish sustainably and profitably.”

Protix business development manager Michel van Spankeren praised the approval, stating, “The acceptance of insect ingredients in one of the world’s most stringent quality labels marks a significant advancement for the insect industry. This collaboration with forward-thinking partners like Landcatch aims to deliver the most sustainable salmon to consumers.”

Founded in 2005, Hendrix Genetics is a multi-species animal genetics and technology company with primary activities in turkeys, laying hens, traditional poultry, swine, salmon, trout and shrimp breeding.

Protix is a producer of insect ingredients for healthy and sustainable pet food, aqua culture and livestock feed and organic fertiliser. The company uses waste from the food industry as feed for the black soldier fly (BSF).


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