Sea lice laser inventor narrowly misses on top prize in European inventor competition

Stingray still proud of the achievement.

It was the first time that a Norwegian inventor and patent has been nominated for the European Inventor Award. Though his lice laser invention Stingray Marine Solutions lost out to the Dutch Rik Breur (Netherlands)for his Marine antifouling fibre wrap inspired by sea urchins.

“Just being one of three nominees for the awards ceremony has been a great recognition. The event is important for all of us who work in Stingray, even though we didn’t get the first place home,” said Esben Beck about the award ceremony in Vienna.

Last year, 175,000 patent applications for treatment were put forward for the prize organised by the European Patent Office. This was rattled down to 500, then just three in the category.

Historical day
“This was a historic day for both Stingray Marine Solutions and inventor Esben Beck. Together, the fantastic development and achievement is a result of many years of hard work from all who are part of Team Stingray,” said CEO John Arne Breivik.

Together with the company Stingray, Esben Beck was one of three nominees in the category “small and medium-sized companies”. Beck founded Stingray Marine Solutions in 2012 which can zap and now also assist in counting sea lice.

Stingray’s lazers are now in about 100 cages in Norway.


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