Seachill and Young’s Seafood sign nationwide pledge to tackle food waste

Nearly 90 food industry including major seafood companies have signed up to a road map on food waste reduction devised by the charity, WRAP.

The charity called Waste & Resources Action Programme or WRAP for short, said this was intended to drive down a £20bn annual bill for wasted food in the UK by taking a ‘farm to fork’ approach according to MRW.

WRAP who work “with governments, businesses and communities to deliver practical solutions to improve resource efficiency” said that it had a road map to tackle food waste both in their own operations and among suppliers and consumers.

The goal is that as early as next September, half the UK’s largest 250 food businesses will be measuring, reporting and acting on food waste, with the entirely of them doing so by 2026. Seachill and Young’s Seafood have signed up to the plan.

WRAP chief executive Marcus Gover said: “This road map is hugely ambitious, and I’m delighted that the UK is the first country anywhere to set a nation-wide plan towards delivering its part in [sustainable development goal] 12.3.

“There are many businesses working hard already, but many more need to focus on food waste.”


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