Seafood behemoth Helge Møgster speaks out about tragic loss of brother

Editorial Staff

Seafood industry titan Helge Møgster has spoken publically for the first time about the tragic death of his younger brother and close business partner, Ole Rasmus Møgster.

The majority owner of both Lerøy Seafood Group and Austevoll Seafood said he and Ole had been making big plans for the seafood company they had just bought – but their dreams were crushed when Ole was diagnosed with cancer aged just 52.

Ole Rasmus Møgster was the board of directors of Austevoll Seafood and died in February 2010.

“We had just bought Lerøy. It was good times when suddenly he was torn away from us,” Mogster, 65, told Bergens Tidende in a moving podcast.

Helge continued to expand the company into a global force and world leader – and today has a personal net worth of EUR 400m. The family-run holding company Laco at Storebø, Western Norway, has a turnover of EUR 2.8bn a year and employs 10,000 employees around the world.

“Ole was a great character,” said Helge.


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