Seafood envoys start own export outfit

Aslak Berge

Hildegunn Fure Osmundsvaag and Johan Kvalheim go back to their roots to sell fish.

Fure Osmundsvaag still works as a Norwegian seafood envoy to Spain, and Kvalheim is a seasoned fisheries delegate to France. Earlier, they worked on seafood exports for Coast Seafood and Leroy.

“I’m leaving after what will soon be five years in the job as fisheries envoy to Spain. I’ve informed (the Norwegian Seafood Council) that, together with the former head of MSD Animal Health Norway, Johan Kvalheim, I’ll be starting a new export company for seafood,” she wrote in an email.

“Due to this I’ll be stepping down from my roll as fisheries envoy as of Feb. 1st, 2018, although I’ll still be staff in the Seafood Council until Aug. 1st, 2018,” she said.

“Both Kvalheim and I have many years of experience as fish sellers in large, established seafood exporters and we both have mileage as envoys, me in Spain and Johan in France and the UK. With that long, good experience in marketing work as envoys we’ll find our place in the value chain,” she added.

SalmonBusiness understands that her budding new export firm already has a pair of seasoned industry hands in mind as expertise to help lead the company.


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