“Very few people would have guessed five years ago that this industry would be a 30 billion euro industry today”  

Katrina Poulsen

Seafood stocks on the world biggest seafood market hold a value of 10.7 pct. of the total market cap on Oslo Stock Market.

“This is impressive. Very few people would have guessed five years ago that this industry would have been at 30 billion euro industry today,” says analyst from DNB Markets, Alexander Aukner to SalmonBusiness.

Four out of 15 are not Norwegian
You might think that the seafood stock market only holds Norwegian companies, but this is not true at all.

The inventory shows that both Chilean, Scottish, Faero Islandic and Icelandic companies are listed on Oslo Stock Market, showing that the business is not just a Norwegian sweetheart.  Faero Islandic Bakkafrost alone takes up a total of EUR 4 billion in market cap.

Industry in constant movement
According to DNB Market analyst Alexander Aukner the value of the supply side for salmon has been constant, which has caused higher earnings and continuing expansions. Five years ago the market was different.

“The market has moved from an early stage into a mature industry,” says Alexander Aukner.

When looking at the many well-established seafood companies in the industry, many with a base in Norway, it is clear that the demand is constantly growing and changing as more countries begin to show interest in the market.

This could very well be one of many explanations for the growing industry outside the northern hemisphere and outside of salmon farming.

Millions in skincare and fish farming technology
Listed is not only salmon farming companies. Other industries are also engaging in the modern seafood industry. Supplier of fish farming technology, AKVA Group (market cap EUR 249 mio.), who provide technical service within the land based and offshore aqua industry is one.

Another industry that is represented is healthcare biotechnology and skincare. Norwegian biotech company Hofseth Biocare produces health supplements as unprocessed salmon oil, proteins and calcium made by salmon cuttofs. Last year the company had a turnover of EUR 27 mio.

Aqua Bio Technology produces natural substances found in plants and algae, and has a market cap of EUR 4 mio. The company is known for a special handcream made out of salmon cutoffs that heals small skincuts.


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