Seafood software company Maritech buys Timpex

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Maritech praised the work of software development company Timpex in a move which will see employees from Timpex moved to Maritech.

In a press release, Maritech said the two companies had worked together over the past two years to deliver digital exchanges between different parts of the seafood chain, from exporters to consumer agents.

The new group will consist of 100 employees, which includes 45 software developers over three countries: Norway, Canada and Macedonia. Timpex will now merge with Maritech.

“We deliver software solutions tailored for seafood from sea to table. Our strategy is to support operational processes and offer solutions that embrace the entire value chain. Logistics is a major challenge for the seafood industry,” said CEO in Maritech, Janne T. Morstøl.

“Logistics and transportation account for the largest costs apart from the merchandise itself. Through this acquisition, we will gain greater expertise and can contribute to solving these challenges for our customers.”

Timpex delivers solutions to those working in the logistical, transportation and customs sectors, and has 30 years experience delivering this. Their clientele includes those who include some of the most complex logistical challenges. It employs 20 people.

“For Timpex, this means that we will grow a development environment which allows for faster implementation of new technology, such as data analysis and machine learning. We will gain access to new customers and an international market,” says Timpex CEO, Frank Amundsen.

“This merger with Maritech is highly attractive in order to further develop the market position for both companies within seafood and logistics. By combining forces, a  joint company will have strengthened resources and management in initiating the development of new solutions and will be seen as a highly attractive employer for future employees. We look forward to becoming a part of Maritech’s innovative and progressive team.”

Maritech is a supplier of software to the seafood industry. It owns the IoT business Lillebakk and the analysis seafood company SeaDataCentre.


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