“Seikongen” afloat at last

Work of raising the wellboat “Seikongen” has been completed.

Late Wednesday evening, Chilean time, one had a long-awaited vision: “Seikongen” floats again. The wellboat sank outside the village of Chonchi, just south of Castro on Isla Chiloé in southern Chile nine months ago. The boat had only been in operation for one month before sinking. 

The reason for the accident is still unknown. It was quiet weather and a calm sea when it occurred.

The tow operation to the the port city of Talcahuano was scheduled to start Wednesday, but was a little bit delayed. The boat is expected to arrive in the city within a few days.

The work has been led by the salvage firm specialists Ardent CPT and Servicios Marítimos on behalf of the owner of the wellboat, CPT Empresas Maritimas. The Chilean navy has monitored the work.


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