Self imposed restrictions stopping transition from marine ingredients says Skretting CEO

Editorial Staff

“We as an industry need to take responsibility and make the right choices.”

Wednesday’s North Atlantic Seafood Forum opened with a state of the market address from Skretting CEO Therese Log Bergjord.

Fish meal use is stable in Norway thanks to a lack of alternative proteins says the boss of the feed production company.

Feed costs have increased on avergage by 50% in the last ten years, said Bergjord.

“Our self imposed restrictions have not allowed us to replace marine ingredients and keep costs down,” said the Skretting CEO.

Bergjord pointed to the case of Chile where feed costs in Chile are 90% of that in Norway, thanks, she says to their ability to replace marine ingredients in the country with vegetable and animal source.

“How can we stop the same thing happening in ten years? We need to removed the self imposed restrictions. We need to make fact based decisions,” said Bergjord.

“We need to be more bold, more proactive in bringing these conversations to the market. It is good for nature, it is good for fish ands it is good for the production costs we need to address. We as an industry need to rtake resposibility and make the right choices.”


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