Selling licenses at auction “could be lucrative”


After years of low growth, Oslo is contemplating the allotment of new salmon-farming licenses via spring auction.

Public hearings are underway on whether a series of auctions for licenses in Norway’s production zones should determine prices and winners. The public airing wraps up on April 17th.

“The auction format opens the way for all interested to take part, and that means small and medium-sized companies,” Norwegian Fisheries Minister, Per Sandberg, said via electronic communique.

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“Fish farmers can bid on amounts that are smaller than a full license, and that can be lucrative, perhaps especially for smaller players,” Norwegian Fisheries Minister, Per Sandberg, was quoted as saying.

Under Norway’s new “traffic-light” system, where red zones mean no more grow-outs, “green” areas were recently allowed to grow by up to six percent. That growth is purchased in two rounds, a fixed-price round and then by auction.

The money raised selling licenses enters a coastal community aquaculture fund, and already the fund has accrued to 750 million kroner.


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