United States Senate-House divided on GM salmon labelling

US Congress has been battling it out on the emotive topic of GM labelling.

According to the site Politico, the Senate wants to continue to ban the sale of genetically engineered salmon until it’s labeled as such. However, it’s a different story than the House version, which wants to ensure disclosure requirements are in accordance with a labelling rule for foods containing GMOs. Both houses are controlled by the Republican party.

Genetically modified salmon called AquAdvantage Salmon produced by US company Aquabounty, has been available in Canadian supermarkets since 2016. The company sold 5 tons there last June.

Labelling was not required when the FDA approved its salmon in Nov 2015. However an import alert was issued by Food and Drug Administration in January 2016, which is still in effect today.

Congress has been mulling over what to do about labels for genetically modified foods for years. But the issue suddenly gained urgency on July 1, when Vermont became the first state in the country to require GMO labels in grocery stores.


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