Sernapesca confirm ISA virus at one of Cermaq Chile’s farms

Chilean fishing authority has been notified.

The Rowlett 749 farm that belongs to the Oslo-headquartered, Japanese-owned firm Cermaq Chile, located in the Region of Aysén, has had a case ISA according to Sernapesca.

The Cermaq Chile site PIC Sernapesca

Confirmation of the case* and notification was made on Wednesday, December 12, after the official inspection and sampling was carried out by Sernapesca veterinarians.

The farm has not yet presented the mortality rates associated with the disease but fish in the cages that were found positive have been harvested.

According to the National Director Alicia Gallardo, “within the framework of the weekly surveillance service maintained on the farms categorized as at risk by the case of the Rowlett 750 center, belonging to the same company, the presence of the virus was confirmed.”

“The Specific Health Program of Surveillance and Control of ISA has a preventive focus and seeks to detect cases early, to adopt control measures in a timely manner and thus avoid dissemination, in this case, even when the farm has not presented mortality due to ISA nor signology attributable to the disease, the results of laboratory analysis, determine the application of control measures,” explained the authority.

Sernapesca said that it will continue to monitor farms in the area.

*ISA Other HPR (HPR 7A)



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