Sernapesca gives Blumar 10 days to come up with plan to remove dead fish from sunken cages

editorial staff

2,900 tonnes of salmon on seabed.

DF reports that Sernapesca director Alicia Gallardo has given Blumar 10 days to deliver a detailed proposal on how to remove all the dead fish from the bottom of the sea.

Blumar’s “Caucura” contained up to 875,144 salmon average weight of 3.8kg when hit by a storm last month. 2,900 tonnes of salmon are on the seabed.

The fishing and aquaculture authority reported that the escape affected two of the 18 cages at the site. The remaining 16 cages, meanwhile, sank, carrying with them a total of 771,405 fish, equivalent to 88 per-cent of the fish.


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