Service vessel catches fire at fish farm

Bjørn L. Rønningen, Hitra-Frøya

Reodor”, which was moored at a fish farm in central Norway, went up in flames last night.

Emergency personal from the fire department, police and lifeboat services moved out to put out the flames. Several civilian boats in the vicinity also contributed to the rescue work. The accident started around 21:40 on Monday evening to local Norwegian newspaper, Hitra-Frøya.

The name of the service vessel is now known to be called “Reodor”.

No injuries have been reported yet, said police.

The police initially believed that there was a fire in the fish farm itself. But later this was corrected.

The fish farm is located northeast of Melandsjøen, in central Norway. The site is called Omsøyholman and belongs to Lerøy Seafood Group.

The rescue boat “Horn Flyer” arrived at 22:00 to load equipment for the fire service. At 22:30, the rescue boat arrived at the facility. Pictures from the site then showed a service vessel with open flames and while it rained heavily. Several other vessels are nearby.

As of last night, fire station representative, Gunnar Sundli, told the local newspaper Hitra-Frøya that the fire has now been extinguished.

He said that that the fire department was notified of the fire from a person on land. No one should have been on board in the boat or at the fish farm when the fire broke out. It’s  unclear what caused it.

“We do not know anything about fire. The boat was covered in flames when the incident was reported (…) The fire was quickly extinguished and no one injured,” said Sundli.

The fire service loaded equipment aboard the rescue boat “Horn Flyer” in Siholmen before heading south to the farm at Kvenvær. PHOTO: RONNY DYBDAHL TEIGÅS

According to the fire department, the boat is still afloat.



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