Seven people arrested and charged with salmon theft from Mowi in Northern Norway

Editorial staff

Cooperation between Norwegian and Estonian police has given results.

In September last year, an Estonian lorry driver in his 40’s was taken into custody, charged with stealing and smuggling salmon from Norway to the Baltic’s. The man was stopped outside the Mowi factory in Herøy in Northern Norway, when he was loading the fish.

Just after New Year, police lawyer Line Finsås Einrem at the local police station stated that they had several suspects in the loop after the theft. Norwegian police had also initiated cooperation with Estonian police.

Now, police lawyer Einrem tells Helgelands Blad that seven people have been arrested by Estonian police, and are charged with organised crime and fraud in connection with the case. Four of these people have also been charged by Norwegian police. Einrem, however, emphasises that no charges have been made so far.

The truck driver was released in late February.

“The agreement with Estonia opens for them to assist us with extradition, so the danger of evasion is gone. In addition, when we received confirmation from Estonia that the traces we needed to get secured had been secured, there was no longer any basis for holding him,” police lawyer Einrem told Helgeland Blad.

Communications Manager Eivind Nævdal-Bolstad in Mowi has previously told SalmonBusiness that the company cooperates with the police and provides relevant information.


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