Seven rescued as Cooke facility goes up in flames

Editorial Staff

At least four ships were engaged in containing and controlling the fire last week.

A fire broke out on a habitable platform at the “Erasmo 3” aquaculture center, operated by Cooke Chile, in the Cupquelan Estuary, Aysén Region on the afternoon of Wednesday, 26 June.

The incident began around 1:00 p.m. and was promptly reported to the Port Captaincy of Puerto Chacabuco, triggering the Maritime Government of Aysén’s emergency protocol, according to Chiloé News.

The facility, which housed seven people, caught fire, but all individuals were rescued unharmed by support vessels present at the site.

The Maritime Authority in Aysén was notified of the incident at approximately 3:00 p.m., leading to the immediate deployment of the Coastal Patrol Boat “Machado.” This response team included naval personnel, the Permanent Maritime Prosecutor, and risk prevention and environmental technicians from the Maritime Government of Aysén, who proceeded to the scene to conduct necessary procedures. The Contingency Plan for the Control of Hydrocarbon Spills was activated by Cooke Chile.

Captain LT Mario Besoain Fuentes, Maritime Governor of Aysén, expressed regret over the incident on behalf of the Chilean Navy and thanked the nearby maritime community for their support.


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