Severe storm hit the Faroe Islands resulting in the loss of one million fish

Extreme weather gave extraordinary losses.

A severe storm hit the Faroe Islands on 28 February and lasted for four days until 2 March. The storm caused significant damage to two of Bakkafrost’s farming sites in the South Island (Suðuroy): A23 Hvalba and A15 Froðba.

The storm overstressed some of the farming equipment in A23 Hvalba and damaged the nets in 12 pens in the two farming sites. In A15 Froðba a continuous ground swell over five days caused significant mortality of the fish.

In total Bakkafrost lost around one million fish with an average weight of 2.1 kg, Bakkafrost said in an announcement Sunday.

The farming equipment is insured and the fish is insured at cost value.

Bakkafrost has previously guided on an expected harvest for 2020 of 57,000 tonnes HOG in the Faroe Islands. This incident is expected to reduce the harvest in 2020 in the Faroe Islands by 5-6,000 tonnes HOG.


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