Share purchase by all of Mowi’s board members

editorial staff

Shows faith in one’s own company.

All board members of Mowi have today purchased shares in the company, following a recommendation from the board’s nomination committee. The board members have thus purchased Mowi shares for NOK 59,886 each – a total of NOK 598,865.

The shares were purchased at market price, NOK 177.18 each, Mowi said in a stock exchange announcement.

In addition, board member Bjarne Tellmann has purchased 564 shares, for NOK 99,929, at the same share price.

The following board members have purchased shares in the salmon farming company:

Ole-Eirik Lerøy, Chairman 338 (1 500 964)

Alf-Helge Aarskog 338 (338)

Cecilie Fredriksen 338 (964)

Lisbet K. Nærø 338 (964)

Solveig Strand 338 (2,338)

Bjarne Tellmann 902 (902)

Kristian Melhuus 338 (964)

Anders Sæther 338 (914)

Torill Greening 338 (969)

Hans Jakob Lande 338 (338)


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