Shetland communications severely disrupted after underwater cable is cut

Aslak Berge and Edward Hardy

Communications on Scotland’s Shetland island have been disrupted after underwater cables have been damaged.

The police have described the situation as “a major incident” after the southern communication cable to the mainland has been cut. According to the police, mobile phones, the internet and computers are not working, the BBC reported.

Repairs are already underway to an underwater cable to the Faroe Islands after it was damaged last week.

Alastair Carmichael, Member of Parliament for Orkney and Shetland, told the BBC he has raised the issue with the UK government but understands it could take days for communications to be restored.

“Due to a break in a third-party submarine cable connecting Shetland to the Scottish mainland, some telephone, broadband and mobile services are affected,” a British Telecom spokesperson told the BBC.

“Engineers are working to reroute services via other routes as soon as possible and we will provide further updates. Our external subsea supplier also wants to restore their link quickly.”

SalmonBusiness has contacted the management of Lerøy and SalMar for a comment on the matter. The duo owns 50/50 Scottish Sea Farms, which last summer bought Grieg Seafood’s farming operations in Shetland. Scottish Sea Farms has a total harvest volume of 40,000 tonnes of salmon, a significant part of which is produced in Shetland.

Breeding facility in Shetland. Photo: Scottish Sea Farms.

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