Shipyard secures options on Aquatraz builds

Salmon Business

Norwegian outfit MNH Produksjon, with roots in Norway’s earliest aquaculture enteprises, is understood to have agreed contract options with locally based Fosen Yard to build three Aquatraz trial pens at Kvithylla in Trondelag county.

The contract could signal builds worth NOK 120 million, and the building of a first trial pen is already underway at Fosen Yard. It follows MNH’s award from the Norwegian Fisheries Ministry of four salmon-farming development licenses on April 28th, 2017 specifically for the use of Aquatraz enclosed grow-outs designed by Seafarming Systems of Stavanger.

The pilot pens are 160 meters in circumference and are designed to be used with existing mooring systems. The first trial pen is due for delivery from Fosen in May 2018.

“This contract will secure many jobs at Kvithylla in the time to come,” a statement from Fosen’s chief exec, Anders Straumsheim, said.


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