Shop’s $12 salmon and wasabi ice cream sells out in weeks

Editorial Staff

Customer reactions to the novel flavor have been mixed.

An ice cream parlour in New Zealand has seen its salmon ice cream flavor sell out just two weeks after its debut.

Inspired by experiments at their sister Japanese restaurant, Fugitoto Ice Cream in Auckland, decided to introduce salmon and wasabi onto their menu in an attempt to incorporate local ingredients into their products.

The company sources real king salmon from New Zealand’s South Island, with bulk orders required to meet demand.

Customer reactions to the novel flavor have been mixed, with some finding it, “pleasant” while others were less sure.

One person writing on Instagram found it quite “pleasant”, describing the taste as “a creamy salmon dip but frozen, flaky and slightly sweet”.

“Yuck!” wrote another. “Imagine the smell.”

“I’m curious about the flavour but at the same time IDK if I would like it. But I’d like to give it a try if I can,” wrote a third person.


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