Skaginn 3X to establish presence in Norway

Press release

Icelandic technology provider Skaginn 3X is to set up a branch in Norway.

Skaginn 3X is betting on the continued success of the aquaculture and seafood sectors in Norway and feels that having a local presence and infrastructure is key to its continued success in Norway.

Innovative offering in aquaculture
After spending years on developing SUB-CHILLING, a revolutionary technology already having a big impact in the aquaculture industry, the company now has an innovative offering in aquaculture as well as an already strong portfolio for the pelagic and wild whitefish industry sectors.

According to Ragnar Gudmundsson regional manager the interest in both integrated solutions and standalone equipment has been high or as he put it: “With all the great work our R&D team has done, protected by patents, we need all hands on deck to keep up with market interest.”

Not traditional office location
The first Norway-based Skaginn 3X employee will be recruited this year.

When asked about the location of the Norwegian branch, Jon Gunnarsson, head of sales and marketing, said, “We will not have a traditional office location, at least not to begin with. Our people should be out with customers, preferably at factory locations.”


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