Skretting and Cargill partnership set to acquire $90 million feed ships

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Grieg Shipbrokers acted as broker and facilitator for the new vessels, which will be built by Zamakona Shipyard in Bilbao, Spain

Family owned shipping company Eidsvaag is set to acquire two new vessels for feed transport company Fjordfrende, a collaboration between feed producing giants Skretting and Cargill.

Scheduled for delivery in 2026, these vessels will feature a diesel-electric propulsion system with battery packs, along with engines capable of running on biodiesel, according to a press release from the company on Monday.

Established in 2019, Fjordfrende’s fleet comprises 14 vessels operated by Eidsvaag.

Specifications for the two vessels include:

  • Length: 71.10 meters
  • Width: 17.60 meters
  • Depth: 5.80 meters
  • Speed: 13.5 knots
  • Capacity: 2000 tons of feed distributed in bags and silos
  • Propulsion System: Hybrid diesel-electric
  • Budget: NOK 950 million ($87 million) for both vessels
  • Support for each vessel: NOK 15 million from Enova and NOK 6 million from the NOx Fund.

“These will be state-of-the-art vessels with excellent amenities for the crew and accommodation for 14 persons. Moreover, the vessels will contribute to reducing our carbon footprint and prepare us for the future,” ssaid Vidar Eidsvaag, CEO of Eidsvaag.

The new vessels will be among the largest in the company’s fleet and will have the capability to load feed in both bags and silos. The size has been chosen to facilitate efficient delivery to the approximately 400 to 500 fish farming sites along the coast.

Grieg Shipbrokers acted as broker and facilitator for the new vessels, which will be built by Zamakona Shipyard in Bilbao, Spain. The first vessel is expected to be completed in the first half of 2026, followed by the second in the latter half of the year.

Batteries, each rated at 860 kW, will reduce diesel consumption by providing power during peak energy demand periods. Additionally, heat recovery from exhaust emissions will provide internal heating. Both initiatives garnered financial support from Enova and the NOx Fund.

Håvard Walde, CEO of Skretting Norway, expressed enthusiasm for the development, highlighting the opportunity for Eidsvaag to invest in necessary new capacity while strengthening delivery capabilities and reducing emissions through innovative technology and efficiency.

Tarjei Eide, CEO of Cargill in Norway, emphasized the importance of efficient feed logistics in ensuring nutrition for salmon along the Norwegian coast and contributing to global food security.


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