Skretting appoints Charlie Granfelt as Global Manager Closed Aquaculture Systems

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Skretting has appointed Charlie Granfelt as Global Manager Closed Aquaculture Systems in an effort to drive its strategic innovation agenda and support progress in alternative farming technologies.

On Tuesday, feed giant Skretting announced the appointment of Charlie Granfelt as Global Manager Closed Aquaculture Systems.

In a statement the company said, “With additional Atlantic salmon output from alternative farming technologies alone expected to grow to 200,000 metric tonnes towards 2030, Skretting is preparing accordingly with the appointment.”

Granfelt joins Skretting with more than 30 years experience in sales and marketing, and over 20 years in senior leadership positions – including as a board member and director at a football club. He has worked for Skretting for 12 years, eight as Sales Director in Norway and four years as General Manager of Skretting France. He studied at the London School of Economics.

Commenting on his new role, Granfelt said, “I’m excited to work with the existing global team working at Skretting to deliver the best value proposition to our customers in this segment. We are mobilising our global competence, and organising to meet the market needs in a way that is structured and efficient.”

The position is not limited to the salmon sector, nor recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS). “Although growout salmon in RAS is dominating at the moment, we also see that other species like shrimp, kingfish, barramundi, tilapia and catfish are showing signs of moving into new technologies to complement traditional farming.”

Global company
“This further strengthens our drive, as we are a global company and we can commit locally to projects whether they’re located in Japan, the United States, China or Europe. Our ongoing local competence is valuable from day one,” concluded Granfelt.

Skretting CEO Therese Log Bergjord said, “If we want to ensure that there is enough seafood to meet ever-increasing demand, our industry and new technology is critical. It’s not a case of and/or, it’s a case of and/and/and. At Skretting, we are embracing all new methods to ensure we can continue to meet demand in a sustainable way.”

“The development of land-based and closed systems is a key strategic area for Skretting moving forward, and I’m happy to have Charlie on board at global headquarters to ensure we fulfil our ambitions together with our clients.”


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