Skretting appoints new Procurement Director as well as Category Manager for Novel Ingredients

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Salmon feed company announces appointment of Robert van den Breemer to the position of Procurement Director and Jenna Bowyer to the new position of Category Manager Novel Ingredients.

In a press release on Tuesday, Skretting writes that van den Breemer will officially take over as Procurement Director on 1 December 2019 from James Rose, who has now completed a planned 2 year posting in the position of Operations and Procurement Director, after being Managing Director of Skretting Australia for 11 years.

Over the past 2 years, van den Breemer has been working as a Business Development Director at the Skretting global headquarters in Stavanger. Before his time at Skretting, he worked in Corporate Development at Nutreco in Amersfoort. He also has some eight years of experience from Roland Berger in Amsterdam as a general Strategy Consultant. In his new role he will join the Skretting management team and report to CEO Therese Log Bergjord.

“Our goal with procurement for the coming years is to buy smarter and better. Smarter, by both utilising all the data we have in our possession and by building strong category plans for our major categories. Better, by both working together with the suppliers of our key ingredients to develop improved and novel ingredients and by taking a leading role in sourcing responsibly. Procurement will continue to be a driving force in our mission of feeding the future,” said van den Breemer.

The new position of Category Manager Novel Ingredients will lead procurement activity the novel sector, including planning, supplier engagement and long-term supplier partnerships.  Skretting wrote that a large focus of the new role will be “to increase future supply of emerging raw materials such as insect and single cell proteins, and to work with suppliers to accelerate raw material innovation and scale-up”.

Bowyer has worked for Skretting for seven years, initially in sustainability and communications with Skretting Australia and for the past 2.5 years at the Skretting global headquarters in Stavanger as Raw Material Development Project Manager.

“This is an exciting category to work in and I believe that novel ingredients will be a significant part of Skretting’s future. We should be able to capitalise on our knowledge by enabling the utilisation of undervalued resources and unlocking new ingredients. I think this increased focus will contribute to the long-term sustainability of our business, which is economically, socially and environmentally responsible,” said Bowyer.

New additions to the procurement team also include Anne-Marie Johnson to Category Manager Vegetable and Erik Aanensen to Category Manager Marine procurement.


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