Skretting Chile becomes first salmon feed mill to achieve ASC certification

Editorial Staff

The ASC Feed Standard, effective since January 14, 2023, obligates feed mills to adhere to robust environmental and social practices.

Skretting Chile has become the first salmon feed mill to receive certification under the Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) Feed Standard. The certification, audited by Control Union, mandates compliance with stringent production, environmental, and social criteria.

It also necessitates feed mills to procure from socially responsible suppliers, ensuring process transparency within the feed manufacturing supply chain.

Therese Log Bergjord, CEO of Skretting, confirmed the company’s commitment to sustaining a positive impact throughout their supply chain.

“We’re already implementing the learnings from Chile to accelerate the certification process across the rest of our operations and, with that, ensure that our customers can keep relying on Skretting to maintain their own certifications for fish and shrimp.”

ASC CEO Chris Ninnes recognized Skretting’s certification as a significant step towards responsible feed production and a pivotal moment for the credibility of fed seafood farming.

“As one of the world’s most prominent feed producers, we are delighted that Skretting has earned ASC Feed Certification for two mills in Chile, the first salmon feed mills to do so,” said Ninnes.

“This is not only a milestone for ASC and Skretting but pivotal for the whole industry to strengthen the credibility of fed seafood farming now and into the future. We look forward to collaborating further with Skretting to scale up and ensure availability of ASC-compliant feed to ASC-certified farms around the globe.”


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