Skretting demand points to Canada, Chile

Salmon Business

Feed company Skretting is running its production facility in Stavanger, Norway at breakneck speed and still can’t meet the demand of its expanding aquaculture customer base, the company has reported.

“The factory is operating five days a week, and we have a production waiting list stretching five months,” Beate Johansen, manager of the company’s aquafeed technology plant was quoted as saying.

In a communique celebrating it’s 20th year, the company said it had produced 772 different feeds for fish and shrimp in the past year alone — premium FLX, Vitalis SA and Optline RC are fishmeal-free, brood fish and land-based facility types offered salmon farmers.

In it’s last annual report Nutreco, which owns the Skretting brand, said there was overcapacity in the Norwegian market but that its salmon business had performed strongly in 2015. With Chilean production numbers recovering, and a record production year for B.C. salmon on the books, daily demand is understood to be coming predominantly from Canada.

Skretting is a brand of Netherlands-based Nutreco, a conglomerate that reported pre-tax earnings of €282 million in 2015. Its worldwide interests include aquaculture feed producer Nutreco Canada.


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