Skretting envisages that 5.5 million salmon servings per year will be brought to market with insect meal

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Bug feed will support additional 45 million tonnes of raw materials needed for industry growth.

In a press release today, insect breeder Protix unveiled its insect production facility in Bergen op Zoom, the Netherlands. The event was attended by Holland’s King Willem-Alexander among other guests, including Skretting Project Procurement Manager Dr Jenna Bowyer and Nutreco Corporate Sustainability Director Jose Villalon.

Feed giant Skretting has signed a deal with Protix that could see up to 5.5 million salmon servings per year brought to market with insect meal incorporated into the feed, it wrote. “We are very proud to work with Protix to unlock this new protein source into the aquaculture feed industry to help bridge the future protein gap,” said Bowyer. “We have seen players like Protix make quality improvements with every step and believe these products can make a real impact to future protein supply.”

A 30 million tonne projected increase in aquaculture production in the near future means there will be a need for an additional 45 million tonnes of raw materials, the company added.

The guests experienced a tour of the new Protix facility, housing insects that convert vegetable residual flows into sustainable protein.

“This opening marks a real transformation for the entire insect industry, not just for Protix,” says Protix CEO Kees Aarts. “This nursery is unique in the Netherlands, Europe and the world. We are delighted that companies like Skretting are enabling the growing sector of insect protein.”

“It is essential for us that these new ingredients are not only safe and sustainable but also ensure that the end product maintains the nutritional benefits we have come to expect from high-quality seafood,” said Bowyer. “The aquaculture industry is very large and growing, and it is essential for us to see novel ingredients brought to commercial scale. We at Skretting support Protix in their developments and we look forward to working with more players in this field,” she added.


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