Skretting on salmon feed based on insect meal: – The objective is to continue commercial testing in 2019

Stian Olsen

The fish feed producer is continuing to plot a course for investing in commercial feed based on insect meal.

In October, commercial salmon feed based on insect meal was produced for the first time at Skretting’s Averøy plant. Nordlaks, which was the first customer for this new type of feed, confirmed to SalmonBusiness last week that the results had been very encouraging.

Siri Tømmerås, head of feed for land-based fish farming at Skretting, echoed Nordlaks’ statement to SalmonBusiness.

“The results from the trials at Nordlaks show that the feed containing insect meal was equally beneficial compared with standard feed. This confirms our observations from our own trials, that insect meal is a good alternative to fishmeal,” said Tømmerås.

According to Tømmerås, Skretting is currently carrying out in-house trials, where they examine which nutrient composition and quality are required for the insect meal, and which conclusive solution provides the best effect as an appetiser and thus contributes to boosting feed intake and growth.

Skretting is also waiting on the results from the previous trial, before they decide on the road forward.

“The objective is to continue commercial testing of salmon feed based on insect meal in 2019.”

A challenge facing Skretting has been to find producers that supply enough volume of good quality. At present insect meal is supplied by producers in Europe, and Skretting with its background from production of fishmeal, contributes among other ways with expertise in production of insect meal.

“We collaborate with various suppliers to organising the implementation of quality criteria for insect meal, so that we can utilise the full potential of the raw protein material in the feed. By inking contracts with suppliers, this provides them with the security that their product gets sold, which in turn stimulates a ramp-up of production,” concluded Tømmerås.


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