Skretting signs deal to purchase insect meal from Finnish startup

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Finnish insect producer set to begin deliveries in 2024.

Skretting, a world leader in aquafeed solutions, has announced a significant commercial collaboration with Volare, a Finnish producer of insect ingredients.

Through this partnership, Skretting has secured a substantial portion of the capacity from Volare’s upcoming industrial factory in Finland, earmarked for producing Norwegian salmon feeds.

This collaboration aligns with Skretting’s commitment to enhance the sustainability and nutritional value of its aquafeed products. The incorporation of insect protein from Volare is a strategic step towards reducing the carbon footprint of salmon farming, which is largely attributed to feed production and its raw materials.

Erling Johansen, purchasing manager for special ingredients at Skretting Norway, highlighted the importance of novel sustainable ingredients in the industry. “We need more volume, and this new Nordic supplier, with their commitment to scaling up the industrial production of sustainable ingredients, is a boon for our industry,” Johansen said.

Volare’s approach, which emphasizes low energy consumption, the elimination of fossil fuels, and zero wastewater production, bolsters the sustainability of the collaboration. The use of Volare’s ingredients is expected to significantly reduce Skretting’s CO2 emissions and reliance on wild fish in aquaculture.

Jarna Hyvönen, Chief Commercial Officer at Volare, commended Skretting’s expertise and customer-centric approach. “We are excited about this long-term partnership with Skretting and the large-scale impact we can create together,” Hyvönen stated.

The partnership represents a break from the norm in the feed industry, where advance commitments are rare but are seen as vital for advancing sustainability. Skretting and Volare envision this agreement as the beginning of a lasting relationship, with Volare set to begin ingredient deliveries in 2024.

Volare, which already operates a demonstration facility in Finland, plans to start construction of its first large-scale factory in 2024, with ambitions to expand across Europe by the end of the decade.

Founded in 2021, Volare focuses on converting food industry byproducts into sustainable insect protein, oil, and fertilizers at an industrial scale. The company aims to replace unsustainable alternatives and promote a circular food system.

Skretting is  is headquartered in Stavanger, Norway. With production facilities in 18 countries and over 3,800 employees, the company manufactures and delivers feeds for more than 60 species.


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