Skretting stops the sale of fish feed to Russia

Aslak Berge

Its parent company Nutreco is getting rid of its operations in Russia.

Since the outbreak of Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine, at the end of February, SalmonBusiness has followed the export of fish feed from Norwegian feed factories to Russian fish farmers on the Kola penisula. BioMar quickly ended its Russian exports, while competitors Skretting and Cargill still maintained the highly controversial trade.

Now Skretting has also chosen to withdraw.

“We will end the feed sales to Russia as quickly as possible in an orderly manner,” Skretting communications manager Leif Kjetil Skjæveland told Dagens Næringsliv .

Feeder. Skretting department Stokmarknes.

“Nutreco has today announced internally that the Russian company for animal feed has been sold to the local management. This transaction means that Nutreco no longer has any business in Russia. The fact that the management was allowed to buy the company was the best opportunity to ensure the safety and stability of the employees,” he said.

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The business that was sold produces feed for agricultural animals. The factory is located near the town of Liski, and the company also has sales offices in four Russian cities. In total, the Russian company employs around 210 people.

The transport of fish feed from Skretting and Cargill’s Norwegian factories has been carried by the Russian cargo boat “Aleksander Gusev”, until all Russian ships were banned from port in Norway on 7 May. The feed companies then hired the Norwegian freighter “Silver Bird” for the job .

“Silver Bird”. Photo: Vesselfinder

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