Smir Group signs deal to supply feeding system to land-based producer

Editorial Staff

‘We feel we have gained a partner as committed as we are to biological results and technological development.’

Norwegian aquaculture supplier Smir Group has entered into a contract with Andfjord Salmon to supply the water feeding system, Smirfeeder, to their land-based facility on Andøya.

The agreement, announced in a press release issued to Norwegian aquaculture news site iLaks on Friday, also includes exploring further collaboration opportunities for Andfjord Salmon’s production in the future.

“We are very proud to be chosen as the feeding system supplier for this project. Andfjord Salmon’s goal is to build and operate the world’s most sustainable breeding facility of its kind, and it is gratifying to be able to help facilitate that goal by using our water feeding system,” said Frode Rygh, Sales Manager at Smir Group.

The agreement follows extensive discussions between the two companies.

“We have had a good dialogue with Andfjord Salmon over a long period, and we have many common views regarding the design of future technology and services. We look forward to exploring synergies in technology and service areas in the years ahead,” Rygh stated.

Christian Torgersen, COO of Andfjord Salmon, commented, “To ensure the good biological results we achieved in the Pilot and further performance development, we are pleased to collaborate with Smir on water feeding systems. We feel we have gained a partner as committed as we are to biological results and technological development.”

Torgersen emphasized the importance of finding a feeding method suited to their concept and feed type, highlighting the potential benefits in energy consumption, microplastics, and practical infrastructure location on land.


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