Start up Blue Lice: “So far, we have managed to reduce salmon lice attacks by ten per-cent”

editorial staff

Blue Lice has developed a sea lice trap, which catches lice before they attach themselves to salmon. The results have, so far, been promising.

Founded under the X2 Labs accelerator program “Tomorrow’s Aquaculture” in March 2017, Blue Lice has received support from hotel and property developer Petter Stordalen, Innovation Norway, Taxation, Fisheries and aquaculture industry tax grants and local venture capital.

Since 2018, the company has conducted major tests of the method, which attracts and captures lice in the larval stage before they attach themselves to the salmon. According to the company’s website, the company collaborated with Bremnes Seashore during this test period.

“So far, the test results have been promising, and so far we have managed to reduce salmon lice attacks by ten per cent, where the method has been tested,” said Blue Lice entrepreneur Gry Løkke to Stavanger Aftenblad.

According to Løkke, the goal of the company, which is not yet making any prfits, is to become a world leader in sea lice prevention.

“We hope that we will now get customers in the aquaculture industry on the team and pay for the service and equipment at an early stage,” said Løkke to the newspaper.


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