Solvtrans CEO invests in krill processor

editorial staff

Solvtrans founder and CEO, Roger Halsebakk, has together with two other investors entered as minority shareholders in the Norwegian krill processor Rimfrost. The three investors now have shareholdings corresponding to about ten per cent.

“Over time, the three investors will be able to increase their holdings so that they together own about 25 per cent of the company,” Rimfrost writes in a press release.

Rimfrost currently has two licenses for krill harvest in Antarctica. In November Rimfrost awarded a contract to Westcon for building a new krill fishing vessel worth more than 100 million euros.

“We are very pleased to welcome such solid and successful business people as co-owners of Rimfrost. This shows how some of Norway’s most experienced investors evaluate the potential of our sustainable and innovative technology,” said owner Stig Remøy.

Roger Halsebakk enters through his investment company Ronja Capital, and he is represented on the board through former Sparebank1 Markets’ salmon analyst, Tore. A. Tønseth.

“We have great faith in the potential of marine ingredients. Krill is a tremendous resource that today is relatively scarce. We see great opportunities for both human consumption and industrial use. Rimfrost has come a long way in technological development and we look forward to being part of the further development of the company,” said Tønseth.


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