Sølvtrans takes delivery of new wellboat from Aas Mech. Verksted

Editorial Staff

Norwegian shipyard Aas Mech. Verksted has completed the delivery of the “Ronja Evolution” to wellboat supplier Sølvtrans.

This marks the 38th vessel that Aas Mech. has delivered to Sølvtrans over the past 25 years.

The “Ronja Evolution,” measuring 77 meters in length and with a cargo space of 3,000 m³, is designed for the transport of live fish, particularly smolt. Its design features a low draft relative to its loading capacity, making it suitable for operations in areas with access limitations.

The ship is equipped with a mess and galley, a coffee bar by the working deck, a TV room, a gym. Photo: Aas Mek. Workshop

Equipped with advanced technology for eco-friendly and efficient fish transport, the vessel includes systems for zero emissions during closed transport, water treatment, and lice collection. It can carry around 450 tons of live fish, with the hold divided into two fishing wells.

Sølvtrans, operates more than 35 vessels in across the world including in Norway, Scotland, Canada, and Tasmania.

The wheelhouse is arranged with four operator positions for manoeuvring the boat. Photo: Aas Mek. Workshop

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