‘Some people still remember the old technology used in factories of this type’

Marketing Communications Manager for Marine Harvest Central Europe, Emilia Schomburg, believes old memories among some people led to the cancellation of the plan to build a new salmon oil and fish meal factory. 

“Some people still remember the old technology used in this type of factory (fish meal production) which caused certain environmental hazards and unpleasant smells. Despite our explanations that we intended to use state-of-art technology which would completely eliminate the risks, they decided to organize protests,” said Schomburg.

Yesterday, SalmonBusiness reported that Marine Harvest-owned Morpol, had decided not to continue their plan for a new salmon oil and fish meal factory next to their giant processing plant in Ustka, Poland.

The building of the factory had not yet started when the company decided to drop the project.

“All I can tell you is that we haven’t started construction yet. We were at the stage of collecting all the necessary permissions. And already, even at this early stage, the community from both Ustka (which is the nearest town) and local villages started protesting against the location of our planned factory,” said Schomburg.

According to Schomburg, local authorities asked Morpol to stop the project and “as Marine Harvest cares about local communities and maintaining good relations with local authorities, the decision has been taken to withdraw,” she added.

Schomburg confirmed it is too early to say if they will build the factory somewhere else.

“There are no plans at the moment to build it at a different location.”


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