Spanish company developing AI system that’ll predict deadly algea blooms in Chile

editorial staff

Machine learning will aim to get ahead of disasters.

In a press release, the Spanish multinational company AIS writes that it is developing a machine learning model that will predict and mitigate the effects of harmful algae blooms in Chilean waters.

The company is developing an AI model based on machine learning techniques that will be integrated into a computer platform. The aim is to get ahead of events, so that salmon companies can take steps to prevent, or at least reduce, the catastrophic consequences of this phenomenon.

The recent death toll stood at 7,408 tonnes of dead fish, with sites hit belonging to Mowi, Aquachile, Yadran, Multiexport, Granja Marina Tornagaleone and Salmones Camanchaca.

The development of this AI system is supported by the Chilean development agency CORFO, responsible for promoting domestic production and promoting regional economic growth.

General Manager of AIS Chile and Andean Region Leandro Fernández said that the first phase of data collection and processing has been successfully completed, thanks to the support of various players in the salmon industry.

“Algorithms are currently being developed and the first results are expected during the month of May this year,” he said.

“Our goal is to gain greater control in the face of the advancement of these phenomena,” added Fernández.


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