Spanish town declares land-based salmon project a ‘priority’ to fast track application

A 1,200-MT land-based salmon farm being planned in the Spanish town of Valderrebollo has been declared a “priority” by the local government.

The construction and start-up of the indoor intensive salmon fish farm using recirculating aquaculture system (RAS) foresees an investment of $38 million (€36.8 million). Its proponent is a company called Cold Water Madrid, based in Palma de Mallorca.

Location of Castile-La Mancha region within Spain. The town of Valderrebollo, which will host the RAS salmon farm, has only 25 inhabitants. Photo: Wikipedia

The RAS farm is expected to create 30 direct jobs in the town of 25 inhabitants, a fact that local new outlet said is getting the local population fixated and excited.

Any project declared as a “priority” gives preferential treatment to the proponents, which speeds up the processing of the application.

“The order emphasizes the added value of this project for the town due to its ‘special relevance for its economic, social, and territorial impulse, and also being an action that is environmentally sustainable.

“This Declaration supposes, on the part of the company, the commitment to contribute to the generation of employment, in terms of permanent full-time jobs; and it also implies a commitment to comply with terms and the volume of the investment,” stated the Order in the official gazette.



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