Sparebank1 Markets’ salmon analyst leaves job to look after Sølvtrans founders’ investments

Lizbeth Osnes

This December 1st, Tore Tønseth will switch from salmon analyst at the investment bank Sparebank1 Markets to investment director at Halsebakk-owned Ronja Capital. The family are the founders as well as major shareholders at Sølvtrans – one of the largest wellboat companies in the world.

“After working for almost fifteen years as an analyst, now is the time to try something new. I look forward to building up a larger portfolio of investments in Ronja Capital,” said Tønseth in an email to SalmonBusiness.

The main focus will be sea-related industries, including building a share portfolio of seafood stocks.

“In addition to this, there will be various direct investments in different projects,” Tønseth continued.

Analyst Thomas Myrholt will take over the sector from next month, when Tønseth’s last weeks at Sparebank1 Markets are over.


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