Speciality firm Seafood People recruits new consultant for its senior executive group

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A consultant on the Unilever/Nomad M&A, Alexander Kolibius is to join Global Executive Advisor Network.

In a press release, specialty firm Seafood People writes that Alexander Kolibius will join its Global Executive Advisor Network (GEAN). The GEAN is a group of senior seafood executives with subject matter expertise. These advisors will partner with Seafood People to execute global projects and initiatives.

“Alexander has built a successful client portfolio, where he has served as a consultant in projects related to the M&A of Unilever/Nomad, Coty/P&G, and Keurig/Dr. Pepper, among others,” wrote Seafood People.

Further to his consulting and coaching engagements, he serves as a senior advisor to leading global management consulting firms.

“The Global Executive Advisor Network (GEAN) will be an integral part of our global management consulting division. Our goal is to be the one-stop-shop for the critical competencies needed by the seafood industry. We’re redefining the consulting approach and partnering with industry leaders and subject matter experts,” wrote the firm.

“By utilising our unique global executive network, recruitment services, and now adding these capabilities, we can provide companies with innovative solutions and services,” said Seafood People Managing Director Thomas Bakke.

“Promoting seafood products and increased consumption satisfies my desire to contribute to UN Global food security initiatives. I am excited to partner with Seafood People and lend my skills to companies to improve their marketing, KPI’s and channel strategies,” said Alexander Kolibius.

Seafood People is a specialty firm focusing on executive recruitment, strategy, analysis, project management, communication, and design for the seafood industry. The firm is headquartered in Bergen, Norway, with advisors located in Chile, the U.K., the U.S., and Singapore.


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