Spectacular movie from Steinsvik: this could be your new workday

press release

This movie from the Norwegian equipment supplier Steinsvik is really something.

Imagine a workday where all work tasks are performed from a workstation in an environment that really resembles the inside of a spaceship.

It could quickly become a reality.

According to Steinsvik, some of the solutions are already in use, others are being worked on, while yet more are a little bit further in the future. Common to all of them are that they require a forward-looking and professional supplier to the aquaculture industry.

See the movie (The article continues under the movie)

Steinsvik as a company wishes to look at the opportunities ahead. The company believes that it is important to have a long-term perspective on what the industry as a whole tries to achieve and what opportunities the future holds. It’s easy to just carry on blindly with doing things as they’ve always been done, and they hope that this movie can both inspire and put thoughts into action with other companies.

‘Big data’ is a popular term in aquaculture at the moment, but not everyone has thought about what the data makes possible. Steinsvik knows the aquaculture industry, and already collects a lot of data; in collaboration with other companies, they aim to contribute to the ongoing development of the aquaculture industry.


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