“Sphere” maker InnovaSea buys Amirix

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InnovaSea Systems has announced that its acquisition of Canadian marine equipment maker Amirix Systems, a supplier of fish-farm telemetry equipment.

Amirix is the parent company of Bedford, Nova Scotia’s Vemco, Realtime Aquaculture and Seattle’s HTI-Vemco. All three companies have product lines based on fish tracking and monitoring equipment based on acoustic telemetry (underwater “wireless”), including Realtime Aquaculture’s environmental monitoring of fish farms.

Change of direction: A new marine aquculture offering from InnovaSea

InnovaSea is known for its spherical Aquapod containment system for marine aquaculture that relies on a diversity of species.  The company designs and builds a range of open-ocean aquaculture systems.

In a sign of potential future designs for grow-out by the combined companies, InnovaSea Systems chief exec and chief technology officer, David Kelly states, stated that Amirix Systems’ fish tracking, wireless environmental monitoring, sensors and architecture will join InnovaSea’s aquaculture, and the result could yield a “complete integrated solution for monitoring aquaculture farms.”

“InnovaSea is a natural partner for us,” Amirix CEO, Mark Jollymore, was quoted as saying.  “It’s evident to us that InnovaSea values and recognizes the expertise of our people and the world-class quality of our production facility right here in Nova Scotia.”

Amirix started out in 1981 as a microelectronics R&D center providing custom embedded systems and electronics design services to help companies develop new products and enhance existing ones. It’s now a solid market force in electronic systems for underwater acoustic telemetry, aquatic animal tracking, positioning, and data logging.

This story, published Dec. 1st, 2017, was updated on Dec. 5th after Salmon Business received an updated press release from one of the companies involved.


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